After my “Soap Box” rant I decided to wander about the house and check out some of my wife’s purchases for country of manufacture. Her hair dryers, curling iron, rollers were “Made in China”. Checking out portable fans and portable heaters “Made in China”. Electric can opener and irons “Made in China” All of these items had familiar names – GE, Sunbeam, Black & Decker to name a few.

I have always purchased Craftsman tools. Reasonably priced, good quality and US made. I recently purchased a set of Craftsman branded mini pliers. They were labeled “Professional” and the usual “Guaranteed for Life”. Upon cleaning one up after some work I noticed in horror “Made in China”. Is Craftsman next to slide down the slippery slope of cost savings in China?

Anyway guys here is your challenge. Find 3 products in your home (No Vehicles) that are not “Made in China” The items must be less than 2 years old. I could not do it, see if you can.

Good Luck!

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I thought it would be easy, but so far:
1) My camera was made in Japan
2) The new voltage regulator I bought for the Pantera, well... I don't know about the regulator itself, and I'm not jacking up the car and taking it off to check, but the box it came in says "Printed in U.S.A."
3) still searching ....
I couldn't find the 'made in' info on a Craftsman cordless drill I bought 10+ years ago, so I opened it up and the switch says 'Made in China' - it was junk anyway, so it's in the garbage now.

My Porter Cable tools were made in the U.S., but I think they're older than 2 years... but well built, the tiger saw will cut through anything!

I'll have to go look for more boxes printed in North America if I'm gonna survive this challenge!
Ok. I was sure I could do that without leaving the couch. All the remotes for my home electronics and our PVR (TIVO device) were "assembled in Mexico." Does that count as NOT China?

Duracell batteries in all remotes - Made in USA.

Powerbar - Made in Canada.

GE Halogen MR16 bulbs - Made in USA.
Got my #3, my mattress was made in the U.S.

hey, you're right, the duracells are made in the U.S.
And so's the can of "Dust Off" that I keep around for cleaning my camera lenses and computer components.
I'm on a roll!!!

And patriotism being what it is, I'm proud to report that I found the pack of felt thingies I bought to stick on the feet of the kitchen chairs to keep them from scoring the floor were Fabrique au Canada!
I had high hopes for the die cast Pantera sitting on my desk...made in China.

I figured Apple products would be made somewhere other than China...iPhone and iBook, both made in China.

All the other computers and monitors in my office are made in China.

Office phone is made in Thailand. Not America, but at least not China.

Aha! All my Rever shirts are made, and printed in the US! I know that doesn't count as I already mentioned them in a previous post.

I have a bunch of firearms accessories (holsters, packs, ammo belts, etc.) here for a photoshoot. ALL MADE IN THE US!

I can't wait to do this at home. I don't think I will do well.

We like to drive to an Amish village to eat. It is a pretty common place to see groups of classic cars because of the drive and the area. We were in line to pay for lunch in the gift shop. I looked at some of the stuff they had like Amish carage models and plates. Turned them each over and nearly everything except the hand made quilts and butter said made in China.

On the flip side, my neighbor was making air pumps for SEARS portable air pump. They had a standard base model and a deluxe model. The deluxe model had a larger plastic housing BUT was the SAME pump internally!!! But then again, that's what SEARS is known for!
Shampoo, soap and deodorant made in the USA!! My Schott bros. leather jacket and coat are USA as well. Honestly I'm horrified by this. Being an electrician, everything was made here, in Canada or Mexico, now the chinese crap has infiltrated and it is CRAP!! I have never thrown out as much material as I have recently out of pure disgust. Actually, for my jobs I insist on the US stuff. Unfortunately supply houses don't really carry or care. The irony is that the US goods do not cost that much more but are infinitely better and DO make your life easier!
I think you might also be past your "best before date" - If you hadn't ripped off the labels, you'd be able to check these things as well as your expiry date and whether they mixed in any melamine, lead or other toxins at the factory.
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