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In 1974, I bought a brand new Pantera. Regrettably, I had no pictures of it myself, but now that I bough another one, pictures have been coming out of the woodwork from other people.

One set was taken in February 1975, including one of me posing beside the car in front of my parents house in Penticton, BC. In the picture, I'm wearing one of our band's promotional t-shirts.

I still have that t-shirt as a memento, so I thought it would be fun to pose for the same picture, in the same place, in the same t-shirt, again.

Here they are, then, and now; 6339, and 5758.

(For the curious, the band was called "Great Canadian River Race", 1970-1976.)


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  • then-6339
  • now-5758
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Marcus, those photos are great! I think you should add some driving lights to the new car in honour of the original! If that photo was taken in the same exact location as the original, it's pretty impressive how much those rocks in the background have grown! I'm with George, there is a great PI story to be told. Get those photos from your friends and start writing! Thanks for sharing.
Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Found this link to your band. You seem to be reliving the '70's all over, eh?

Yep, that's me, with the 1964 Fender Precision bass.

The reunion was as much fun as the Pantera, and vice versa. Actually, it was Duncan who told me I should buy another one, and I guess I didn't convince myself with my explanations of why that was a dumb idea. Good thing, too. Smiler

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