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Hi. I have been enlisted to sell this car as part of an estate liquidation I am handling. I am seeking the advice of professionals as to what to do with this car. I was able to photograph only a few pix before my phone died yesterday. I will have more in detail access to the car next week. What I know is that it has the push button door. It has been rusting away under a tarp for what appears to be a very long time. Is it worth restoring with this much rust? Is it better to sell it for parts? Any advice is so very appreciated. Also, how do I find the car "number" that I see everyone on this forum using. Thanks! Jennifer


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The number usually referenced is a shortened version of the VIN: the last 4 digits. This can be located on a metal tag on the top of the dash on the drivers side, on a tag in the driver's side door jamb and stamped on top of the foot box in the front trunk (may be different for this model). As you may or may not know the push button models are fairly rare which makes even a rough one a good candidate for restoration. And this one looks rough. It also appears to have had some modifications made. More pictures the better. Ideally you would enlist the help of someone knowledgeable about Panteras to give it an assessment. California is the epicenter of the Pantera world so it shouldn't be hard to find someone.
I would start off by asking some of the pantera experts on this form to inspect the car. There are lots of pantera owners in your area. Being a push button car makes it extra valuable and rare . I would put it up on eBay with lots of detailed photos showing the rust damage to the car. even if the car has extensive structural rust damage I would be surprised it went for less then 30k

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