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Originally posted by Garvino:
Does anyone have a picture of the bracket used to move the throttle cable forward in the car about an inch when using a Holley carb?

I found an old thread on it but can't come up with any photos.

Here is the link to the old thread:
Throttle Cable Bracket

There are some close up images on Pantera Place that show a standard Holley carb installation with a stock replacement throttle cable that would be used on a typical Pantera that might be helpful. The cable mounting bracket is shown along with the throttle arm bracket.

Here is the link Note how the carb bracket positions the cable end so it is lined up with the front cable mount. The cable mount is slotted on one side so the cable can be easily removed.

Please be aware that extreme caution must be used when messing with throttle mechanisms especially if you are modifying them.

If you are new to the PI forum you might want to browse around Pantera Place some to familiarize yourself with the information available there. Many Pantera owners find the site helpful.

There is new information added almost most every week and the updates are marked with “new” icons.

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Many Pantera owners find the site helpful.


Mike's site was my favorite owner-created site when I entered Pantera Land back in 2001. Loads of information. And pictures. I like pictures. Smiler

I have his site bookmarked and in my browser's toolbar. If you haven't spent some time at his site, you owe it to yourself to do so.

Mike's site is the hosting site for SOBill Taylor's electrical diagrams, which I often copy and paste here to answer a question. WAY much easier to use than the factory gazillion-lines-crossing-over-each-other diagrams.

Thanks for the kind words Larry and your ongoing support of Pantera Place all of these years.

The question about replacement cables wasn’t asked, but I thought I would add that the reproduction cable sold by Pantera Performance closely replicates the OEM piece including the telescoping spring loaded end that connects to the carb. The telescoping end is important because it keeps the end rigid so it cannot flop around and get snagged on something when you are doing sprinted driving on the track. If you are running a standard intake type there are a lot of projections and bolt heads nearby the cable route.

By now, most Panteras with original cables could use a replacement. A new cable really makes the throttle response smooth. I mention Pantera Performance only because I’m using their unit, other vendors may have a similar offering, but I’m not sure.

Rather than start a new thread I'm bringing this back because it's relevant to my next modification.

I'm installing a phenolic spacer between my Holley 750dp and manifold and am trying to plan for any modifications that might be necessary for the throttle cable and its attachments. Currently the cable is running at near perfect horizontal and allows for full open. Adding a spacer is going to slightly alter that geometry.

With either 0.5" or 1" spacer the angle of the cable is going to be raised just off horizontal, obviously more so for the larger spacer. Does it matter if the cable isn't right at horizontal? Do I need to either raise the manifold bracket or provide a lower attachment on the carb linkage arm? Or can I leave as is and just make whatever adjustment to be sure the throttle opens fully?

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