Anyone have any advice getting a low-to-the-ground Pantera on a car hauler without damaging the front spoiler? Assume the car wont turn over and cant drive it up under its own power.
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I have had my 71 on a car hauler several times but I don't have a spoiler on it either. I would use something to decrease the "angle of attack" on to the car hauler, like 2"x4"s, 2"x6"s or 4"x4"s. You definitely do not want to put the car on the hauler backwards. I have heard of deck lids getting ripped off by the force of the wind as the hauler goes down the highway.

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Yes, I've used the 2x6's before. Was thinking more of if the car wont start. I'm assuming will need to winch it up at some point. Only have 2-3 inches clearance.
Hopefully you're talking about loading onto a single-car open or enclosed trailer. Clearance has been an issue for me, too - although my problem has mostly been with high-centering on my lowered floor pans. I bought a set of those oil-changing plastic ramps from Pep Boys for about $20 and just back the truck up the ramps to raise the rear about 8 inches. It's a little scary at first, especially if you're by yourself, but it makes a real difference in the height of the back of the trailer to ease the transition angle of the ramps.

Matt Merritt
If you look at my site
klick on "news" and go down a bit. You will find a tow hook mounted at the bumper factory bolts. On the "splitter" image on top of it you see the hook comong out just under the bumper.

On the other (right hand side) there is a lifting support bar mounted on the same bumper bolts.
Then you can both lift and tow your car.
Goran Malmberg
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