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I am seeking any last-minute caution anyone might have before I select Toyo R888 tires for re-shoeing 2511.

I am running Pantera East Coddington clones, 245/45x16 front and 335/35x17 rear.

15 years ago, matched sets in these sizes were easy. Today, not so much.

My last set was a compromise, with new Pilot Sport rears and new Michelin tires, with less-than-fresh date codes, that were from an OEM line for Porsche.

So be it. I am not changing wheels at this point in time.

The R888's are offered with the original 245/45x16 and a slightly smaller 315/35x17.

I might down-size the fronts to 225 due to the rear dropping to 315.

I've heard the tires can be noisy.

I've read total street mileage might be as small as 8,000 miles or perhaps up to 12,000.

Anyone have any real-world feedback?


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Originally posted by Doug M:
Any experience with these in the rain?

I know. I'm not supposed to drive in the rain but sometimes I get caught in bad weather.

Doug M

I used these for rain tires for a while on my NASA American Iron Mustang. They are not ideal but they were not bad either. They are really only noisy (sounds sort of like a howling bearing ) at triple digit speeds. The dry grip is excellent as is the overall feel of the tire. They will sandblast your fenders and ding the fender tops from the inside if you do not take the proper steps to prevent that sort of thing.

I replaced a set of 14 year old Yokohama A032R's on my 930 with Nitto NT01's last October. A032R's had the same rep for whining on the road as the R888 but it was easy to live with.

I was on the fence between the two, R888's are better in the wet and NT01's seem to have a slight edge in the dry. I run full tread Toyo RA1's as intermediates on my 944 race car. The Nitto NT01 is supposed to be the same compound with different tread. I'd have gone with RA1's easily if they had the proper sizing...

The decision was easy when DiscountTire Direct had a sale on Ebay with $100 off on orders over $400. The 275/40R17 fronts were $302 delivered ($100 off) and 315/35R17 rears were $370 delivered ($100 off). Date codes were May 2016 for the rears and August 2016 for the fronts. Smiler

If Perelli didn't make it so totally impossible to find an actual listing of all the tires it offers, if they didn't have 234 or is it six different styles of the Pzero line, I might be able to reasonably research diameters and what might work for 2511.

However after spending 15 minutes playing on the Internet it appears Perelli is unable to provide a consumer with a simple access to the available sizes.

I'm not prepared to spend that much effort to give them my money if they can't provide size information in an easily researched form.

Thanks for the suggestion George, but in light of the above, not going to happen.

I don't own stock in the company. Just tryin' to help you Larry. I could have been more specific I guess.

Its the P Zero System, here's a link to specs and more:

P Zero System info @ Tire Rack

If you search the Pirelli web sight for 335/35R17 it says they can't find a result for that size, but Tire Rack says they have limited stock in that size. They also have stock in the 225/50R16. But if you search Tire Rack for those two sizes as a set with a different size back tire, you come up empty handed. David Nunn and I have spoken to each other about this quirk in Tire Rack's search engine. Their search engine isn't perfect. That's why when I come up empty handed there, I always double check at On-Line Tires. On-Line Tires is where I found the pairing to begin with. Doesn't hurt my feelings if you're not interested. Sounds like you already had your mind made-up.

I don't let this stuff get to me, I do my best searching (and administrating) after happy hour.

Yup, your Tire Rack searches are part of the hassle I encountered.

One listing at Pirelli for Pzero had no 16" tires listed. See below.

I also found news of Pirelli revising the Pzero tires in 2016, and I'm thinking they dropped some sizes at that time. Which might explain the problems with searching and results.

And may also bring into concern the manufacture date of older sizes still in stock but not currently offered.

Plus, the various lines of Pzero confuses things, too.



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Maybe I'm missing something, but if I click on George's link to the PZero System at Tirerack, then the sizes tab and specifc size it brings up the specific tire page, price and stock.

They show the 225/50-16 in stock in the Nevada warehouse for $153.45 ea. The 335/35-17 are due in to NV March 3rd.

Tire Rack will also let you search inventory for pickup at any of their warehouses and if you call will typically transfer between warehouses free of charge. This may not be a concern if you are having them shipped to you.

All that said I have found that the local tire installers can meet the online Tire Rack prices (and get their stock from them) plus the usual cost of mounting and balancing, so it's just as easy to call one of them and let them do the leg work!
This thread is timely as someone asked about the Nitto tire NT05, I purchased two about 8 months ago and one was defective, would not balance, it was almost impossible to send it back and now they don;t even know where it is, refund???? Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced
Will NEVER buy Nitto again, buyer beware!

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