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A previous thread on rack and pinion units had a TRW employee wondering what the part # is on the unit now being used as a replacement on Panteras.

Well, I had 2511 up yesterday (cleaning for Monterey) and can provide the following.

The unit is made by TRW Italia, has a cast aluminum housing and chrome tubes. Cast into the rack housing are two numbers - 227 and 37502. Stamped into a flat spot between these two numbers is the following - 20B90 528.

So, is this enough to i.d. the unit? And what about a regular retail price? Vendors want around $1200. Can we save a bunch buying on our own, or is the markup fair to keep our vendors in business?

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You out there somewhere? Maybe you could help this guy? This was posted today on the De Tomaso forum.

Anything further on the TRW rack?



I live in Austria and I am owner of a Dino 308 GT4, year 1974 and would need
a new steering rack.

I saw that you spoke about the TRW Racks #21465 and #21461 and wanted to
know, if you can give me a hint where I could find these parts for small
money. (if possible in Europe)

I would be very happy if you could help me

Thanks in advance

Kindest regards from Austria

Phil Haebig
philhaebig at
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