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Two of the first five designs are in. And they look great. You can check them out at the site (see my sig).

Thanks to everyone that gave me feedback on the designs, as well as the car graphic and tax benifits of turning the Pantera into a "work" vehicle.

I am working on our announcement system (for those of you that signed up), but in the mean time, I wanted everyone to have the Pantera Discount Code.

Pantera brethren save 15% with the coupon code: launch08

I figure it is time that owning a Pantera made something CHEAPER, rather than more expensive. Smiler

I am working out some issues with international shipping, so if you get an unacceptable price for overseas shipping, don't pay it - and let me know.

THANKS EVERYONE! I will keep bugging everyone for feedback on designs, what to print next, and how to do some Pantera designs that can be printed in lower quantities at decent prices.

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Tried to order 2 shirts. One of each design.
Crapped out on shipping charges, I live in Belgium (3012 Wilsele), websites have a bad reaction to my country. Can you mail me with the full quote. I need to settle using AMEX.
I need both to be medium.
When are the other designs coming on sale?

Originally posted by Vereeken:
Crapped out on shipping charges, I live in Belgium (3012 Wilsele), websites have a bad reaction to my country.

When are the other designs coming on sale?

Working on getting my low rates applied to international shipping. Hope to have that problem solved later today. I have some guys in Germany waiting too...I didn't think I would be "global" so soon.

Three shirts (the ones on the home page) will be available in the next week or so. The other designs will be printed with the sales of these original five designs, so we will see how that goes.

Wow, nice stuff. I really dig it. Congrats.

I'm not as loud as other people so I think I'm diggin the more subtle ones so far. My favorites are "Ignition" and "Six Speed". I really like the piston and tire tread imagery as well, its just that those shirts are a bit over the top for me.

I'll go ahead and order the ones that I like. Love to support stuff that is made in America, and I'm happy to see they are cotton. Thanks!!!
Originally posted by MacMan:
Doh! Can't order the coming soon ones eh? I'd go ahead and pay for them now if I could. Just a thought. You wouldn't even have to run the cards until the shirts shipped, but at least you'd know what the demand was for the other shirts.

We thought about doing pre-order, but since I need to make money on these five designs in order to print more, I have no idea how long it will be before they get printed.

But good news, Six speed is next to be printed. It was supposed to be in this run, but the printer didn't have a screen large enough, so we are looking for another vendor. I have the shirts sitting here waiting to be printed.

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