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What kind of interior carpet is used in Panteras? Is it plush cut-pile, Essex cut-pile, etc.? Also, what kind of backing is often used? I ordered carpeting from one of our familiar vendors that was cut for the different patterns in the car, but they were not even close! I then took one of the panels to a popular auto trim place and they said that the pattern looked to be like house carpeting. I researched the backing used for the panels and it appeared to be Hessian type that is used for British cars. Can anybody help me hear and tell me what they are using and what kind of backing they are used?

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Are you attempting to duplicate the original carpet??

If so, I am not aware of any vendor offering an exact replacement. Other owners may chime in here.

some years ago I ordered a set of carpet from one well-known vendor and was very disappointed with what I received.

I more recently installed a carpet set purchased from Larry Stock at Pantera parts connection, and I am very pleased with the quality of that carpet. Quite sure you would be also.


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