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I'm gatting a tinny click sound when I leave a red light from my driver side rear.

Not sure what it is,but I suspect u joints.

There is a little play in all 4 which is normal I think??

No shiny circles on caps or 'powder' around seals.

Can anyone offer insight?

Can anyone tell me specs on those u joints,or what they are 'borrowed' from?...part number,maker?
I think I'd like to just change them for fresh in case.

They are oem.

Thanks all.

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Both the clutch, and the ring gear bolts can make that sound too. ($$ and $$$$$)

I'd also check for loose lugnuts, or interference with the brakes, so check those bolts also.

How are the bearings ?

U-joints SHOULD be quite.
If you have isolated it to the u-joint, you could jack up the car, and spin the wheel your self to be sure.

...there should be NO play in any U-Joints!! This could very well be your sorce of the 'clicking'. You should also check for play in the relationship between the SPLINES on the right Axle (through the 'upright') to the inner FLANGE, where the axle 'Nut' contacts. When disconnecting to replace with new halfshafts; I found a slight 'Play' between these two componants, on my car. I'll be looking for parts to effect a fix. Marlin...
Oh Boy,
I was going to ask the same question, after I did some checks. I get the clicking on the passenger side when I make a tight turn like going up my drive way on an angle so I don't scrape any thing. I thought it might be the limited slipping of the ZF. I have not hoisted it up and spun the wheels(should have when I did the MSD). My u-joints look pretty old and hopefully are the source.

I doubt that you will find U-joints at your local auto parts house. I have heard that these half shafts were "borrowed" from some kind of Italian textile machine.

The Pantera vendors should have U-joints and half shafts. A couple of years ago Dennis Quella at Pantera Performance Center in Colorado quoted me a price - I think $60 each for U-joints. Call for a current price. Phone number is (303) 660 9897

My yokes were oversized, so I bought the Spicer Half Shafts from PI Motorsports. Check their website for a current price

All of the Pantera vendors should have U-joints and half shafts. These were ones with the best prices when I bought mine.

Later I found that Atlanta Powertrain could put them together for $500 a pair. You may want to check for a current price. Ask for Mike Romine at:

Atlanta Powertrain & Hydraulics, Inc.
4491 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30288-2146

Phone: (404) 361 2818

Actually it is in Conley, Georgia even though the phone directory says Atlanta.
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