Does anyone know the size of the small trim screws that hold the door card around it’s edge to the frame of the door? They are smaller than available at my local auto parts store and I am uncertain how to properly measure diameter to match what is available on line. Do you measure the outside diameter or diameter inside the threads? I often see that these small diameter screw have been replaced, with larger more easily sourced, on several cars that I have worked on. I’d like to stay with original size. Thanks
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I used sheet metal screws Stainless. The holes vary that is the issue. On Top it was 3.9 mm on the side 4.2mm.

I added also stainless collars ..need to fit the screws ..
all easy to get via web search Smiler "handfull of $" but very nice..



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JT, this got me curious so I looked at my stash of 'original' parts and found nothing helpful. Everything in the bag was 0.010" - 0.112" outside thread diameter, 3/4" long, 24 threads per inch. So I appear to have a collection of US spec #4 screws (I now remember buying these at PPC in Denver c. 30 yrs ago so that was what they supplied at the time).

I have had the panels only clipped on for many years, no screws (...I know, I know....Smiler) and guess the originals SHOULD be 2.5mm (0.100" OD) since the holes in the door are very small. 2.9mm is almost identical to #4 in terms of OD hence the assumption that OEM is 2.5mm. Can anyone verify this? I'd be curious about OEM screw length too!

BTW there are 9 holes per door, including two on the bottom edge.

As for the small Bezels I believe I have some originals, the smaller ones shown below on the left. They are 5m OD and fit the small divits left on the door panels. Height is c. 1.25mm so they are pretty thin.


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I ordered 100 of the 2.9mm. Yet, my dial caliper measurements were slightly smaller. The screws are used elsewhere on the car’s upholstery. I’ll, check back in as to how they work. I don’t have the link handy, but I did find some metal 3mm serrated conical screws at Walmart online of all places. They do not appear to be ideal, however cheap enough to experiment with. So, still on the lookout for a better replacement closer to the original.
After looking over more screw charts, my 2.5mm OEM size guess is likely wrong. (Below 3mm, considering normal size tolerances, it seems hard to discern metric hardware from familiar US sizes). Here are a few number, fwiw:

Tolerance for a 2.6mm OD screw is 2.43-2.57mm (0.096-0.101")
Tolerance listed for #3 size is often identical.

Tolerance for a 2.9mm OD screw is 2.76-2.9mm (0.108-0.114")
Tolerance listed for #4 size is often identical. Nomimal size is 0.112"

Many charts show a metric 2.2mm and 2.9mm with nothing between. Others show 2.6mm between, but I didn't see any showing specifically 2.5mm.

For JT, I'm curious what your originals measure? If they are only slightly smaller than hardware store #4s (i.e., within tolerance) maybe they are basically the same part?!

Hope this has not muddied the water. Appreciate info from anyone with more knowledge in this area than ISmiler

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