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On August 15th 2020 the Swiss club will be organizing a meet for the V8 Hybrids, the location is near Zurich. Mike Koch has been in touch with the Swiss clubs of the relevant marques, as well as with owners of cars where there is no club. Additionally we have members who are in the Iso Rivolta club, have Cobras, Facel Vegas, Tigers etc. so I'm hoping there will be quite a few cars attending.

Anyone interested in joining or helping organize the event, please contact us (office@jcc.ch).



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Nice Chuck, something to consider..just 120 miles south...

here the correct address

Region Zürich


The Valley
Kemptpark 1
CH-8310 Kemptthal

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nice tx

missing is MGB GT V8 with original Buick engine intentionally for Rover all alu top set up..

I received the word from the organizers that this event is still on this year (unfortunately, my plans have changed due to COVID, and I won't be able to attend).

Nevertheless - this is what I received from the organizers...

"You can give your friends in Germany our contact (office@jcc.ch), we'd love to have them here. Or they can contact the Swiss De Tomaso club (www.detomaso.ch), the event is on their programme for this year- they're apparently quite enthusiastic about the meet. Looking forward to having you here another year!"




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Chuck TX..

working to get 4907 reday to stand in for the nice US folks from the forum!



Hi Matthias -

I want to see 4907 "On the Stand"...  up on the podium winning a well deserved award!

Good luck, and send pictures - like this one!




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looks like I need to bring some ladies..

no all good. The truth is, to get a car which was fully disassembled back to STABLE LIFE, it is an endevour. Doing my best. Currently doing the rear brakes upgrade as stock was too dangerous. Should be ok.
Still some issue with the Carb..tuning required, some blocking at accelleration..guess secondary needs a bit more opening. Holley 600 List 1850-3.

At least a new picture..as I always have oily fingers when I drive so hard to use the cam

I am on to go!!!





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Cool Picture Advertising the event - Pantera, Interceptor & Iso Grifo (I think).





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no "top lady" pictures. until now. ( we have the color fitting shoes already!!) .we improve...still hideing..no..I work day and part night to ge the cat ready for the show.

- interior..bulkhead mods. carpet etc.
- seat belts fixture on fire wall (got fixed, simple model copyed  from Porsche 914)
- engine still fireing miss fires ..runing very strong....Carb tuning..
- need Mot inspection end of month, after modifications of the brakes to Willwood in rear..brake performance is severely better now ..feels good


Good Luck!  Very cool - glad you are going.

I thought the blond was the GF, I heard she came with the Cat from AZ!


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