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This is a very difficult subject to help you with without seeing the car in person. Good quality photos would be very helpful. If I were you I would spend some time looking around. Look at all ads. This may help you make an evaluation. If you are uncomfortable with that you can always consign the car with PI for example.

One extremely important issue that affects price I'd rust. Got any? This is a big deal.
Originally posted by LOUDON:
Thank you for your response. The under carriage of the car was painted black, and to the best of my knowledge it shows no to very little rust. I will post more pictures shortly.

Just to reiterate the good input already given, "no rust" is a dream come true, wooing buyers who've dealt with rust in the past vowing "never again" plus those in search of the cleanest, most solid examples.

Yet "a little rust" has the deceptive nature of being mere tip-of-the-rustberg sending suitors running, leaving only those who've accounted for the thousands required to right it.

As said, it really is a major issue, and as such a significant value-changer. Get that clarified first, and you'll have a better bracketed idea of value.

Best wishes.
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