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Larry, I just went thru old e-mails and Facebook messages, but came up empty.

Going by memory, the steps included:

- chemical strip
- light bead blast
- conversion coating
- primer coat (then hand sanded)
- color coat
- clear coat

IIRC, all coating steps were accompanied by time in the oven to reduce the possibility of bubbling, since Magnesium is so porous.

I think it was around $200 per wheel, plus shipping both ways.
The wheels came out better than new!IMG_5936


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I suggest if you're going to the trouble of restoring Campys , to scrub and then bake each one in an oven at 275F for 4 hours minimum, to stress relieve them after any TIG welding. Cast mag has the property of building up stresses over time from 40 years of wheel flex or welding. A few have cracked in storage with no tires mounted! The baking also reduces outgassing during (powder) paint curing. It will turn the OEM silver paint tan so repainting is the last step. Bead blasting is not required- the zinc chromate undercoat is extremely tenacious!

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