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Can anyone explain to me where all the ID numbers may be hideen on a 74 Pantera. I know of the door jam and windshield, are there any other 'hidden' chassis identifiers?

The thing is I don't appear to have the standard Windshield VIN plate, which in itself is posing some issues with local DMV in obtaining a new title. From the dash it doesn't look like there ever was one, is that common? could #7024 have been a European import at some time or did all Panteras have a Windshield VIN?

Thanks for any and all help!
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There's one in the front boot, beneath the black felt, above the driver's foot box. I can snap a photo later tonight if it will help, I'm at work right now.

There's at least one other spot, but I'm having another senior moment. All US deliveries had the dash mounted VIN tag, it's the law.

The European cars are identified by gages calibrated in European units, such as the speedo marked in KPH.

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