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This weekend Kirby Schrader, Tom Upton and Rob Pink are competing at the last Vintage Race to be held at Texas World Speedway. It is well attended with almost 250 competitors. David Bell, Gray Gregory, Wally Meyer and our wives went to watch them and help out where possible. For Kirby and Rob, it is also there first vintage race as a participant.

Tom and Kirby are a hoot to watch blasting down the front straight in their Panteras. Both Panteras are so brutally quick they gobble up 10 or more cars at a time. On Kirby's third lap he had left the field behind. Kirby's Pantera has the black deck lid. Tom is number 77. Rob was out driving many cars in his class through the twisties; unfortunately, his brown & black 240z lacked the top end to keep them at bay on the straights.

Track is in fine shape and will be host to many participants at this year's 2015 POCA Lone Star Fun Rally.

As a reminder, the discount for 2015 Fun Rally early registration concludes March 1st. Not much more than a week away. Go to www.POCA .com for all your hotel and event registration info.

I hope that you will join us, it will be an awesome event.



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