Looking to buy an Owners Manual & Workshop Repair Manual for a GT5 or if someone can Scan and email it to me. I dont expect it for free so Im willing to pay for your time, thanks
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I have never seen or heard of a GT5 specific owners manual, if there had been, one would assume it would have been reproduced by now. There are certainly no GT5 specific wiring diagrams out there. Each of the later cars was very much hand built with what was on the shelf at the time.

If anyone would know it would be Peter Havlik, he is keeper of the most comprehensive late model registry.

What year/serial # is your GT5?

The GT5 and GT5-S came with the standard red owners manual. I am not aware of any repair manual specific to the late model cars. PM me with your contact info and I will send you what I have collected by way of technical information relevant to 9000 series cars.
Maybe we are all talking about the same thing, but my red owners manual IS late-model specific, in that the AC controls are the Maserati style as opposed to the slide controls of the early cars. Tire pressures and sized have also been updated to include the 285/40/15 and 345/35/15 tires.

Granted, 95% of the manual is identical to the early cars, but there are some pages that have a rather crude photocopy with updated information. (offhand I can't think of any differences except for the AC and tire pages..)
Yes, we are talking about the same thing. The red owner's manual is late model-specific. There is no repair manual that is late model specific.
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