I was about to have my Pantera Campys sanded and painted when I noticed that the rear orig 10x15 are not totally the same. Diameter, width and offset is, but "pattern" is not. Does anyone have one such rim for sale? Please send picture so I can see if it matches one of mine.

(How many different did they make?)
(Needs to be shipped to CA)
(When done, I'll put the one I don't need up for sale, don't worry, no coffee table)
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Wow, those are very different. My 10" Campys are the same as the Left wheel and they are from a 1976 Euro car. This photo shows the same wheel as the right side and looks like it might be a Euro GTS, but of what year, I'm not sure. I agree with Mike that it is probably an early variant as I've seen way more of the ones I have.

Good luck in the hunt!



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Well if someone can tell me which is the right wheel for my 73 US Pantera, then that would be preferred, but it's not important. I just want them to be the same.
Mikael--I'm sort of the club's acknowledged Campy Wheel Dork, as I've made it a special hobby of mine to document all the variations. There were no less than six different wheels produced from 1970-1974 in the 7- and 8-inch variety: three-slot, one-slot, early Pre-L two-slot, late Pre-L two-slot, early L two-slot and late L two-slot.

The ten-inch wheels are a different story altogether. I've counted three very different variations, but can't swear that there aren't sub-variations beyond that. In your photos, the bottom wheel, with the full-length ribs, is the very early style first introduced in late 1972 I think.

You can check the date of your wheel as it's stamped on the back side. There is a circle with the two digits of the production year; this is surrounded by a sundial-looking arrangement with raised dots, and those dots correspond to the month. So, a sundial with six dots and the number "72" in the middle means the wheel was made in June '72. (The same holds true for all the other Campy wheels, including GT5 wheels).

Your top photo shows a later variation of the 10-inch wheel, and I'd guess it was cast in the late 70s or early 80s. The hub in the center isn't particularly beefy. The later wheels (like the ones I have from 1989) are much more substantial in the center.

Here's a link to photos of my two sets of 10-inch wheels on the POCA website, with 1982-era wheel on the left and 1989-era wheel on the right. There are about ten differences (give or take) between them--can you spot them all?

10-inch Campy wheel differences


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Wonder why they made so many versions? Why retool instead of using old tools and forms?

Does anybody have one for sale? Smiler
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