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We are in the same boat.( Except I'm not Selling )#1791 & F1

Southeast Pantera Chapter recommends Pantera Miami ( one of this site's sponsors ) but shipping to Miami every time # 1791 needs a little work..( like valve lash on solid lifters ) just doesn't work.

I've been looking for two years here in ATL and not found a shop I'm comfortable with.

Please let me know of your progress.

I will do the same


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  • #1791 & F1
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I know someone who can do anything to a Pantera. Keith Irwin in Concord NC just outside of Charlotte. He did a lot of work on mine, He's doing a frame off concourse restore of a Pantera. Had done many other ones as well. Knows them well. And, you can't imagine what NASCAR drivers bring him. People all over the country ship him their cars. And truly a good guy.

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