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Could I please get some feed back on anyone who has had dealings with Wilkinsons Spare Parts. They claim their parts are GENUINE and not copies? Their web site has just about every part still available and very well is this possible? Any information will be appreciated...Im a bit wary of dealing with someone I know nothing about especially as Im on the other side of the planet...Thanks for your time burn rubber
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Have no fear with dealing with Steve Wilkinson -- just make sure that you call and talk to him -- do not order anything over the internet without understanding what he is offering. You can get a LOT more information by talking to him that you can ever get by looking at it online. He also may have a better idea of what might work for you.

Wilkinson is an honest guy that is no nonsense -- you will not have trouble if you ask what you require.

Oh yes, you need to call when he is open. The holidays are upon us, and he is not open on Mondays. He is in California, so he is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time Tuesday through Friday, and then he is open Saturday mornings, but I do not know the times. Mornings, his time, is the best time to call.

Best of luck!

anyone who has had dealings with Wilkinsons Spare Parts

Panteras by Wilkinson.

Steve Wilkinson is one of my two favorite vendors.

His online listing is not updated and today's prices may not jive with the online pricing.

Steve was the approved USA De Tomaso importer, while there still was a De Tomaso to import through.

Today he is still in contact with Alejandro's son, Santiago. They apparently work together in having hard-to-find parts manufactured.

I think calling them all genuine may be a bit of a stretch if they were just recently sourced from who-knows-where.

Sometimes I think he skips over the small details when talking with you, as they are so common-place to him he neglects to realize we all aren't quite on the same page as he is.

Just ask questions and be very clear with what you want and what you expect.

But in any case, he has a lot of parts, is a very nice guy, and will treat you fairly.

I can endorse that response!! Steve is a great guy and I have been dealing with him for over 2 years with my restoration. He knows my voice when he picks up the phone , and will still answer my questions ( I did have quite a lot). I bought all my stuff from him and didn't deal with other vendors after starting a relation with Steve - talk to him and you'll understand.
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