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I'll be running this strip dominator on my new 408. We took 5 degrees off the rear of carb mount to level out the carb. Will this fit under my engine screen? Really I just wanted to show off my new motor. Notice the ATI damper and the Flowcooler pump? On the inside is the hyd roller, and the Mahl 10-1 forged pistons. The builder said 550 600 hp.... I think more like 500, if I'm lucky. I'm ready to install it NOW. I'm gonna let the builder run it on his stand.


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Originally posted by Quickitty:
WOW!! Looks Great!
I like the valve train. I would not be a bit suprised to see that well over 500HP.
We will be expecting video of you smoking a set of tires to the rims burn rubber
I have a new set of Sport Pilots that I'm gonna install after the "said Video" The ones on the car are not good for anything but burning up! Big Grin
> I'll be running this strip dominator on my new 408. We took 5 degrees off the
> rear of carb mount to level out the carb. Will this fit under my engine
> screen?

The Holley Strip Dominator and Blue Thunder are about the same height.
The level version of the Blue Thunder usually fits under the later
engine screen but some have reported clearance issues with the early
style flat engine cover. I suspect there are variances in engine height
from car-to-car due to things like motor mounts and the height of the
filter element and drop base factor in. Let us know what you find.

Dan Jones

Here are some A/B measurements I made. The measurements represent
the drop from a straight edge laid across the carb pad to the closest point
where the end rail bends inward (each end). Measurements in inches.

Holley Strip Dominator 4 5/16 5 3/8
Blue Thunder 4 7/16 5 3/8
Edelbrock F-351 Performer 2V 3 1/2 4 3/8
Ford Boss aluminum 3 1/4 4 3/8
Offenhauser 360 4V 3 1/2 4 1/2
Weiand Xcelerator 2V 4 3/16 5 1/8
Weiand tunnel Ram 9 1/16 9 3/8
A351 6 3/4 6 3/4
A331 (raised floor Edelbrock Torker ) 4 3/8 5 5/16

Dan Jones
Hey Bill, motor looks great. Gonna look even better in the car.

Daniel, thanks for the info on the intakes. I'm having a level Blue Thunder installed this week, with a Holley and 'hopefully' my stock air breather, all under the screen.

When I measured on a bench, appeared that the total would be about 1" too high to fit. I have a 2V air cleaner that has more drop and lower profile, totalling about 1" less and should fit.

Of course, I'm going to wait 'til all that gets mounted up before I mod the 2V cleaner to have a twin snorkel.

I just like the stock 'look' under the hood, and hoping it'll all go back together under the screen.
It's on now! I'm pickin' it up in the morning! Almost installed, need to adjust shifter, pass header, muffs, a couple of wires to sort.. 10am on sunday. I'm like a kid at Christmas. Sorry about the tsunami, and the rest of the world.... all I can do is try to fix my world... I can tell already my air filter is gonna stick through the flat screen.. MMM
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Yes that is an RPW girdle,,, In fact I had to take it off today. I was riding around with my new found power..It is hyd roller, very streetable too. I got on it hard, I have a 6al with a 6g chip. Never got on the limiter but a push rod got out from under an exaust rocker. I sputtereed home. Nothing bent. It had a little ticking before, but it seemed normal. WHAT happened? Not enough spring pressure? Needs breaking in ?, I only have 50 miles on it. Should the rockers be heard? I pulled the girdle and just set the rockers {minor adjustemt} execptfor the one that came off the lifter. It is backworking fine, but I have not took it back out 'cause I started drinking. Push rod perfect. valve springs level all the way across the head.. 7300$ motor should not.. IDEAS?
It don't matter if the frikin' cover fits or not, because I can't put it back on until I get this stumblin' problem solved. I've had 29 veiws on my post and no response. Take a WAG..? The performance changes. MMMMM I got my problem solved, car runs great, the cover don't seem to fit between the dizzy and back window, I got the feeling I put the motor mount stands on the wrong sides. That would also explain why I had to adjust my shift linkage to the shorter position. If I change them back the cover would fit with a little thinner filter. I'll do it later, I just wanna drive NOW!
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Well I know everyone's been on pins and needles waiting to see if a 2V breather was enough 'drop' to fit under my screen with the Blue Thunder intake.

Okay, maybe it was just me.

But for future reference, it does!

Even when the EGR plate came out (about 3/4" or so) I thought the BT would go right back in with the 'correct' original air cleaner. No such luck.

It took the 1" drop for the whole affair to fit under the screen. It looks mighty cool in there.

The technician (long time Hi-Po Ford lover) said the BT was "excellent quality" and he THOUGHT it was like the Boss 351 intake. Said the design seemed similar. Correct?

Anyway, the car starts like a champ, is a tiny bit colder natured, but after a few minutes, a perfect idle. RUNS far stronger. (Tech guesstimated +25hp over my stock "boat anchor" as he called it!) The car sounds different too.

Anyway, happy to be back driving. Now the REAL detailing begins.
Adams ... The Boss 351 intake manifold was an aluminum version of the oem cast iron manifold, there was no difference in design. It's performance is virtually identicle to the cast iron manifolds too. The Blue Thunder manifold is a copy of the Shelby intake manifold; the Shelby manifold was actually designed by Ford engineers. Its a big brother to the production manifolds, tweeked for better performance. The runner lay-out is identicle. The Blue Thunder manifold has taller runners and a taller/wider plenum area, there is more volume everywhere. The carburetor is mounted in the center of the manifold. It really compliments the design of the 4V heads, I'm glad you like it.

For Bill and anyone else who plans to use an open-element air cleaner assembly, the hot-tip for getting an air filter under the engine screen is to use a Holley carb that has the choke assembly milled off, such as a HP carb, or a carb re-worked by a tuner shop. Then use the dropped base from a big block Corvette open element air cleaner assembly (late 60s, early 70s). The bases are readily available from Corvette parts houses. Combining the drop base with a 14" filter element of the proper height will allow you to set the top of the air cleaner approximately an inch above the top of the carburetor ... which is no taller than the "dog-bone" style air cleaner.

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