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 I know of one USA owner who is in the process of doing this and one of our European forum members is also doing this modification. I am not aware of anyone who has fully completed this modification. 

 It will of course require a custom glass which is obviously an expensive process. I believe it will also require reworking of the doors to allow for the expanded  U-channel and felt whiskers to be installed.

 Certainly not a weekend job and likely several months minimum required to just get the custom glass  

IMHO  this is a major process, likely not reversible, and not worth the effort 


Do you have a photo of this application, or Rick's contact information?  I know you may not want to let it out, but maybe he is in our register?

It is very unlikely that Tom Tjaarda drew the original design with that small window detail. The final solution had to have been a cost cutting engineering solution. To the purist, making this change is anathema and I get that, but it sure makes sense and would look better. I've had my Pantera for 40 years, it's still my hobby.72 pantera rear 2016-low res  


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I made this change to my side windows! its not so hard to do if you have some talent. But need to change out the window motor to a modern one so it fits between the glass and door panel! If you have a glass factory to make only 2 glasses they are very expensive , They have to make one mold for each side.

I have the molds for glasses and have 2 right side and 2 left side glasses in stock i have sold several here around Europe, They are E-marked and streetlegal  made of hardened green tinted glass by a big factory that make glass for auto industry.

Here is some pictures IMG_4228IMG-20190303-WA000120190223_13130620170330_10034120170330_10032820170317_160409


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Is this not the BMW powered Pantera we have been watching take shape? Great looking adjustments and I'm glad to see you have fun with your car.

How much do you need to charge for the windows? Where are you in Europe? 

My Pantera is powered in a more conventional manner, but has one of 16 DeTomaso Pantera Weber manifolds sitting on the motor, producing 480 HP. This manifold was used by Hugh Kleinpeter on a car he raced in the early seventies. 

 Thank you,


webers 2018


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I see you have a mirror in the front corner of the window opening. Does that mean the glass can not fit if you make the glass run forward into the existing front lower corner of the glass opening? Or does the glass reach all the way forward? Your price appears fair. If I decide to do this, and the shipping to the states is too high to make sense, I might have you ship it to Berlin. I have family there and visit now and then.


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