When I got my new (to me) #2927 two weeks ago it came without the wiper arms/blades and I needed them to get my car inspected here in Massachusetts. After doing some research and getting a little confused I did manage to get a set and I thought I'd write to tell everyone what I ended up with in case they have a need to get wipers for their car. A couple of facts, my car is a 1972, USA, LHD Pantera. Here's what I ended up with:

1. ANCO Arms 41-03 has 7 MM bayonet end that is rotatable to align with bottom of windshield.
2. ANCO Drum Elevator 42-75 (actually a converter - has a female splined hole to go over the Pantera splined drum and a male splined drum for the 41013 arm to go over. Adds about 5/8" to the height.)
3. ANCO blade C-15-UB Blade. These come with a 7mm Bayonet Adapter (part number 48-12)

Just wanted to get this down on (electric) paper in case it might help someone down the road can find it in a search.

NOTE: the arms and drum elevators are being obsoleted but they're currently readily available on the Internet. However, if you think you may need them in the future I'd buy them now while you still can.

Just paying forward......

Happy Truckin',

Dennis O'Brien
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I see you also posted this to the email list but with this forum being searchable your information should be available for many years to other owners faced with your problem.

With eBay always offering obsolete items these part numbers should be of value for many years to come.


These are just aftermarket ANCO parts and actually aren't that great looking.

Since I was very anxious to get the car on the road after my two month search/purchase/transport effort I just bought what I could find and knew would fit. I paid retail which was about $115 but I got them in one day so I'd have the car on the road for that weekend and two "showings"Smiler

Shopping on the internet and/or E-Bay I'm sure they would have been a LOT less!
Eugenio, original Pantera wiper arms 1971-up were common to 1969-up Jaguars and possibly other English cars of the time. They are stainless steel or nickel plated 'two-wire-style' arms rather than a single flat blade common nowadays. If the numbers in your 'avatar' are correct, both your Panteras are pre-L models so the wire-type Jag arms are what you want.
My May '72 pre-L has the 'other' type of stock wiper/blade assemby (i.e., not the twin wire design), manufactured by Arman & Co. I've seen it on many Panteras but not sure what years, unfortunately. It's distinguished by stamped construction and red plastic release button for the 15" blade assembly. The button is illustrated in this pic. Any ideas what other cars used this unit, or how it was applied in Pantera production?!


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