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Well, here is where we're at so far. Progress is slow but steady. With Las Vegas looming there's lots still to do. We'll see what develops.

After many years of time and attention getting the suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, cooling, motor and most of the electrics worked out, I have finally achieved a level of satisfaction with both high performance and reliability.

The only untouched parts that still remain are the body and the interior. So here we go on the interior.

If it all works out, I'll get to the body next. But I am a little hesitant. I don't want to have to worry about bugs, stones, fingerprints and all that stuff that comes with being out there. I'm having to much fun going fast. Once I do the paint, I am afraid I will be stuck polishing all weekend instead of driving. Anyhow, hopefully I'll get the new interior and electrics done before the snow is gone.


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Originally posted by jeff6559:
But I still have to determine the best location where to mount it.

How about a power latch for the deck lid and then put it in the key pushbutton?

That sounds like a great location. PCNC member Ron Demadeiros drilled out the "o" in "California" at the top of his license plate and mounted his color hi-res lipstick cam there. Very inconspicuous. But, I like the decklid key location even more. Keep us posted on progress!
Great stuff, guys.

Jeff, that's a perfect idea. I thought of making both decks and doors electric. It's easy enough but I love the fact that my little old fashioned Pantera keys fit in my shorts or shirt pocket and lie flat. I hate lugging around those big lumpy remotes. And I can almost feel the frustration as electrical gremlins lock me out of my engine bay just as I am about to impress some drooling kid. However, I might reconsider when I get further along.

Geroge, that is the only thing missing and it's killing me! I wanted to put a cup holder into the armrest, but all those nasty relays took up whatever space was left. I might try a pull-out tray type (from some rice rocket) hidden in the dash somewhere. That way it will spill on my wife. Any other ideas for cup holders? Sheesh my SUV has 8!

Hey Panther, I love your ride. Aside from Lazlo's amazing monsters, your car has one of the best fitting wheel bodywork combos I've seen. I can’t believe you don’t rub! And that color is beautiful. Anyhow, if we were afraid to modify these cars we might as well own those funny Italian cars with horses and bulls.

DeTom, no need for smoke screens and oil slicks. My hot rod motor with its chrome moly rings that never seat takes care of that just fine. All I need is a bottle of degreaser and a rag after long runs. I'll probably have to stop every hour anyhow, just to clean the oil off my rear camera lens.
DeTom, no need for smoke screens and oil slicks. My hot rod motor with its chrome moly rings that never seat takes care of that just fine.

Have you ever tried pouring some AT fluid down the carburater while it is running?? My dad used to do that way back in the old days to unstick a lifter, maybe it would seat you rings???
Nice tray, Garth. Thanks. Now I have to find a good place to hide it. I'll wait till the dash is out. Hey maybe I'll put in the glove box? I wonder if I could reach a coffee over there with my belts on?

Detom, I used to use that trick to find leaks in my headers, but haven't tried it for seating rings. Yet. So far the consensus is leave it and live with it. I guess I'll fix it next time I blow up the motor.
I guess I'll fix it next time I blow up the motor.

You too?? I blew up my original motor too. How did you do yours?? I did mine by hooking the spark plug wires to the wrong plug. It didn't like that much. It threw a rod and grenaded the whole engine. I even had to get a new block. I was able to save the heads and intake and all that, but I even had to get a new oil pan cause theold one had a big old hole blown through it.
Wow. That's a real big blow up! I just over revved messing around with my neighbor and his twin turbo Carrera. I blew him away then smiled and drove home (puking coolant) like nothing was wrong. Fortunately I was only a few blocks from home and he never noticed. Bent pushrod. Typical 351 rocker arm got hung up. Nothing else was damaged too bad. Anyhow it was the original motor - bone stock - and probably the 50th time I over revved in anger. So I decided to do the stroker thing and built a great motor (with the MSD rev limiter). The block is all that remains. in the car.

By the way, my daughter thinks your son is cute. And she likes his black car!


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Originally posted by deeb:
I sure did. It's the only rear view I have! Finally I'll be able to look for smokey behind me. I got a lipstick cam instead fo the big boxy thing the unit came with. But I still have to determine the best location where to mount it.

hiya David, please have a look at this license plate camera mount made by Virtual Reality Video Labs
You front wheel phote is the syle rim I am looking for. Panter East has there version but is super wide, is it too wide, maybe 17' font and 18' in the rear pro's and con's. If any one has some input it would be great.
My car has early 17's and they are not the style I care for on a GT5. I think they would look great on a std Pantera
Pantera East has great wheels and a great reputation amongst Pantera owners. Though I do recall one owner waiting an extraordinary amount of time for delivery on a set of wheels. is another vendor with an excellent reputation for providing top notch wheels. I'm not sure if or if other vendors provide these wheels...

Do you have the original GT-5 wheels?

I'm about to purchase a factory Euro GT5-S and believe the factory spoked wheels which came on the car are hard to beat.
Well, here is the latest on our progress. There's a few mechanical issues to look after, but the time consuming cosmetics are jsut about done so I should be ready for Vegas.

If you follow the old pics and concepts it may look like I know what I'm doing, but I got a lot of help. I hung out with every vendor in LA and picked their brains for weeks. Then I took the best from all and had the guys at PI do the deal.

I mocked up the panels and picked all the parts, leathers, switches and then bothered all the various vendors to death - making 5 trips to LA.

Now I have to get used to what I created.


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