Tell me what you have for sale, especially if you have an intake manifold matched to any ported sets. Would prefer like an older c302b with intake manifold, or something where I can use the cleveland valvetrain. Not as interested in the stuff that uses Jesel or T&D shaft mount rockers, but tell me what you have.

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I have a set of SVO C3s and intake. These are the C3s that use standard Cleveland dimension valve train not the newer version that carry the same part number.

These were a spare set for a circle track team that are freshly rebuilt and have Ti intakes and stainless exhaust valves. They are nicely ported and not all hogged out like most of the older heads you see that have been used up by drag racers. Port windows are about 1 1/4" wide by 2 1/8" tall. I haven't measured but would guess the intake port runner volume to be about 210-220cc. I cant recall the specs on the the valve springs but they are undoubtedly aimed at a big solid roller. The retainers may be Ti as well. These are ready to run.

The intake is an A331, the air gap spider/single plane Roush model for 9.2" deck Cleveland block. It used to have the Roush logo on the passenger side runner but this has been removed. With very light work it would be port matched to the heads. I also have a D351 9.2 intake for Windsor style block if you prefer. If you are interested and want more details I can pull them out and give them a close inspection.

$2000 + shipping for heads and intake.

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