I want to loosen the nut from the input shaft and the pinion shaft in order to get them out of the housing. What is the best method to hold up the shafts when loosing and later tightening the nuts (I mean the 36mm and 41mm nuts at the shaft ends, tightened with a torque of 250-350Nm)? I have read the ZF manual, but there is no hint how to hold them.

Furthermore, I am l looking for a drawing / sketch for the so called mounting plate.

Thank you in advance and Best regards, Claus

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It has been a while.  I constructed a fixture out of a 2"x 4" with holes drilled according to the manual. and held it in a large vice that overhangs my workbench.  Essentially, I was replicating, from wood, the aluminum fixture that  comes in the ZF rebuild tool kit whose name I can't recall.

When I must work on a ZF's innards, I jam a cloth between the ring gear and it's pinion with the transmission in some gear. This locks the gearbox without any tooth damage or complicated mechanisms needed. Note the ZF Shop Manual is only an overview and not very explicit in many areas. Thee are some official ZF factory tools and jigs shown (pg 8-10) to do certain things to the 'box , and all we have is work-arounds discovered the 'hard way'.

Some owners have done modifications inside after finding the price of certain parts too high. I'd be wary of using such a transmission. One owner used liquid Lock-Tite plus peening on a setscrew that retains one of the shift forks. The ZF was setting on end, and he used too much Lock-tite. It ran down the shift-shaft and got into one synchronizer, locking it solid so the box could not be shifted at all.  Removing the ZF from his Pantera and tearing it down a second time, then chiseling things loose took all weekend. Be cautious! 

Here's another couple of ways to hold the assemblies....

(The picture with the 2x4's isn't mine...)

Crude_Holding_Fixture01-26-2016 ZF_Reassembly [4) (Medium)01-26-2016 ZF_Reassembly [5) (Medium)

 12-23-2015_ZF_Reassembly [22) (Large)




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Some people just look for trouble with a ZF. Get the right tools to hold and setup the gears. That bearing that is being held by 2x4 lumber is around 500.00. If you can find them. Also the setup block is there for a reason. If put together wrong you wont know till it is back in the car . Then time to freak out


Thanks, Max

Thank you for the feedback!

@bosswrench: great idea, nuts are open.

I will build a tool to hold the shaft next weekend. If someone has a further ideas please post them. Even with the welded one I would be afraid to damage the surfaces.


Here is a pic of the special ZF tool that I made and have rebuilt many ZFs.
To create fear that you don’t know whether the zf will function properly
until it is installed in the car is not accurate. You can inspect and check
your work along the way. Don’t need to overthink this. Thanks

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