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Hello, Any special or unique tools are needed to open up a Pantera ZF
transaxle. I'm considering buying a Pantera that appears to need a 2nd gear
synchro ring. I've rebuilt Ford T-10 and Muncie 4-speeds, but never have
tackled something like the ZF. I just want to get at the synchros and
inspect the rest of the parts for wear if I buy this car. Please advise.


Ron Lee
Dayton OH
Original Post
It would pay you to buy the Official ZF Overhaul Manual (under $50), available at all Pantera vendors plus the POCA Club Store, by mail. The ZF is a far different beast than your Muncie; you need experience with Porsche transaxles first! For instance, there is no cluster gear; all the gears are separate, shimmed to a gnat's eyebrow & held onto their shafts with huge nuts that require a 2-ft-deep-point socket to remove & replace. This is only one of a multitude of special tools required to r & R ZFs. The synchros are all-steel, so they wear slowly. But when they ARE worn out, so is the mating gear cones- and most gearpairs are well into the thousand- dollar range to replace. There are maybe 3 places in the world that sell new gears and gaskets... If you insist, the tranny must be removed (weighs 155 lbs), the cast iron rear cover removed, and the geartrain, in the alloy intermediate case, slides out like a drawer on the long studs. Do NOT remove the speedo right-angle drive adapter; it has a short intermediate shaft that will fall into the geartrain. Getting the shifter rods realigned during reassembly is "interesting". FYI, the gears & synchros are usually not too bad; whats a problem is the marginal disengagement with the stock clutch hydraulics, which causes clutch drag & synchro grinding. Fixing this is easier and cheaper than digging into a bad ZF, believe me! With all this said, the ZF is a superb transaxle, well able to contain 600 or more horses for 24 hrs straight at Le Mans or live in drag-racing, circle tracks etc. Good luck.
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