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I am doing some consulting for Coker Tire on potential demand for some out of production motorcycle tires. It occurred to me that I should use this opportunity to assess the demand for our 15 inch tires.. I would like your opinions on how many Panteras you think are still running 15s, and which brand and sizes of tires would be the best to reproduce. (Goodyear, BFG, Pirelli, etc) What Coker does is purchases the molds for out of production tires, so more than likely, if this happens, it would be limited to one brand and a couple of front and rear size choices. If you could please reply also to my personal email ( with 15" Tires as the subject, I would appreciate it. Thanks for your input, Dave Ferrato #5972
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I posted back to you on the e-mnail list, but will copy the reply here for the benefit of the PI formum members too....

I personally believe there to be sufficient demand on 15" tires to warrant manufacture and many who would otherwise stay with 15's are moving to 17's purely for tire choice. This is true in both the Pantera and GT40 community, with many GT40 owners opting for the very expensive Avons just to get a sufficient speed rating. And that brings me to an important point, any replacement tire needs to be in at least a V speed rating IMHO. Give the guys a heads up on and I'm sure you'll get some favorable response.

I am running my 15 inch Campys and would love some high performance road legal tires in the correct size with a high speed rating - V at least - as was mentioned above. Currently I have old BF Goodrich 305x50x15s on the back and really, they are too wide for the body work without flares (my GTS has had them removed at some time). I need to replace my tires and would love some 285x50x15s, but they don't seem to exist, so it will probably be 295x50x15 high performance SUV tires - Hankook Ventus ST RHO6 which do come in a V speed rating at a fairly reasonable price.
Cheers, Tim.
The Pirelli 345's are still in production as Pirelli commited to producing continued supply for the Countach. It's just that Pirelli does a limited run maybe once a year and you have to be on someones wait list. The dealers put in their request and even they don't usually get their full allocation. A while ago Larry Stock had some 345's available.

The bigger issue is I don't think the 285's are being made, so you have to use mismatched brands front to rear and a lot of people seem to like to see the same or very similar tread patterns which can be difficult.

The Swedish De Tomaso club had Yokohama 285's for sale as they made a bulk purchase some time ago. Not sure how many if any they have left.

Would love to see the Pirelli 285/50-15 and the 225/50-15 again!

They're available. Pirelli has had a so-called 'Classic' tire plant in Turkey for a dozen years or so, making P-7Rs in several sizes. I bought some a few years ago out of Sweden. Complicated and expensive deal, but the end result is, instead of being V-rated (149 mph) as in the '70s, they're now W-rated (168 mph). They look identical to the old ones except for the molded info panel. A few Pantera vendors are connected in and every single P-7 tire they get is pre-sold! Call around....
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