In 1971 there is a stamped number on top of the pedal box in the front trunk as I recall. Mine is covered with felt. The DMV inspector was asking if there were any other locations of the VIN beside the plate on the dash and the plate in the driver's side door jamb. Is this number the VIN?
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The VIN on 7204 was what led me to this forum...

The dash VIN had disappeared in a prior restoration where the dash had been recovered. The front trunk VIN was covered in felt and no other body/service tags existed.

The Car arrived from New York and I was in a panic as to what I'd purchased (sight unseen) as I couldn't find a VIN anywhere. On top of that I knew the NV DMV required an out of state VIN inspection prior to title and registration.

So I set forth on the internet to find out where the VIN could be stamped and found the very information I needed to take a knife to the pedal box and uncover it! Whew what a relief...


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