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I am looking to to see if anyone can point me in the direction of who now has a custom 1973 Detomaso Pantera … formely known as “Pur Gold” of George Peloquin. One of the best known and loved pantera showcars in the world.

I am his grand daughter and have been looking for years to see what his car looks like these days. He passed away in 2008 and have been told to come to this forum to ask.

thank you.6F89F8FD-B030-4264-8EC6-5A91234084EA1EE76529-925F-4FFF-B365-B2BA8F9DD26C


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  • 6F89F8FD-B030-4264-8EC6-5A91234084EA
  • 1EE76529-925F-4FFF-B365-B2BA8F9DD26C
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