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Not to sure where to post the question, but a very good friend of mine is in charge of liquidating some cars for and estate so to speak.
The one in question is a real 1974 GTS with only 27k on the meter. Basically all stock survivor car in very nice condition. Prices are all over the board.
I typically can find values on cars but this one is stumping me.
Any help or direction would be great.
Thank you
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An auction at Bring a Trailer with a car fitting the same description (which could be the same one you are talking about) just ended at $105K for a very nice one - did not meet reserve.

So - at least $105k + the auction commission if the condition matches.

A GT5 did not well there for $141,500 recently.

So I would say somewhere between those two numbers.

You can see their auction results history here:
There is one at right now for $165,000 but it only has 8900 original miles on it. With out seeing it, it's hard to say, but the one on Bring a trailer that didn't meet reserve at $105 had similar miles to the one you have asked about. I would agree with Perry H between $105 and $140 probably accurate.
I also agree with that number range assuming the car is clean and no stories.

The Legendary car is really nice in photos, but unless I am mistaken, it has spent the last 10 years getting bounced from seller to seller. Fortunately each time it is getting returned closer to the original condition after the first owner made a host of "improvements" to it. ProvaMo shows the car was originally silver (IIRC) and it's unfortunate that it still wears resale red.

The car on BAT also looked really nice as well, and unless I overlooked something, I think the seller was wise to hold out for a bit more. That should have been a $125K+ car in my opinion.


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