Does anybody remember a Pantera shop in the 1980's off the Van Wyck expressway in Queens NY? I used to stop there and look at the Panteras the owner was modifying. That gave me the itch 30 years ago that I finally scratched.....
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The Shop was MD Engineering, owned by Mike DeGonnis. He had the red Cobra body halves on his roof. I used to stop by there regularly myself (being a Bronx boy) before I had my first Pantera. I saw the only other Targa 5-S in the U.S. at that shop! (Probably close to 20 years ago by now.) Mike held the land speed record in the late 80's - early 90's with a stock bodied Pantera. It was the white one he had stored on top of his office in the shop.

Last I remember, he was doing natural gas conversions for the City's fleet of vehicles and that was taking over his facilities. The shop has been closed for some time now. Viva la memories!

Funny you mention that. I talked to a guy about a year ago that was selling a GT-5 (white car) on craigslist. He said it was his buddies car. He sent me pictures. Car was all dusty and looked to have been in storage for a while. His buddy had set a land speed record in another pantera. Said he also had tons of parts for sale. I was looking for some wheels, but they had nothing. They were located in the Bronx somewhere. Has to be the same people.
Yes! I lived in South Ozone Park then, and when I got my permit, as I would exit the Van Wyck on my way home from high school, I would stop there to gawk and drool every day. That's exactly where I got hooked too!!

Thanks for the flashback!!
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