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First off, I am not affiliated with any vendor, I am a die hard Cleveland fan,unless is some kind of Ford big block, but Windsor edge head motor, for me is like owning a SBC. Frowner
Powers to be are shortly planning in a new batch of Blue Thunder intakes, the more orders the faster they will be poured. I have no shortage of intakes, including Strip Dommy and even Ford factory aluminum version, but havin 40 more foot pound torque on the low end mean a lot more to me than 10 hp at 6,500 top end. And with my large port cast iron heads, I'm sold. Help you and I by putting in you order now, it will happen soon. I'm requesting blocked heat riser version with full notched plenum divider to compliment my 400 CID stroker.
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Dual plane manifolds improve mid-range power by maximizing the time between pulses within the manifold. So if you cut down the plenum divider, exposing both sides of the plenum to all 8 pulses, you are essentially reconfiguring the manifold to perform like a single plane manifold. That's why cutting down the plenum improves peak horsepower. But the manifold's ability to enhance mid-rpm power shall be impaired. It is physically impossible for any other result.

Something to consider.
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Originally posted by pantera chris:
it had a tilted base and if memory serves me a notch in the divider wall at the top, the intake was exceptional.

If you pre-order you can request the Pantera version of the Blue Thunder which has a flat carb pad.
I'm ordering two BT intakes thru TMeyers, extremely helpful and willing to work just about anything out with Cleveland guys.

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