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I happened to stumble upon this intake on the internet. It's made by Morrison Motorsports out of Melbourne, AU. Their website is A real nice looking piece. I contacted him and he says it runs about $6500 US. He wasn't sure if it fits under a pantera decklid, but said he would get back to me with a hieght. He did say that he sold one to Dave Martell in Arizona, but didn't know if he had gotten around to installing it yet. He says he has them set up for 3V heads but can make them for 2V as well but isn't making them for 4V heads. He also has several different throttle body sizes available.

A little too much $$$ for me right now, but if I win the Loto or something then I'm in! Anyway, just thought I'd pass it on.



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He sent me high res images of these, I had to downsize for the forum, and you can really see the quality. I am sure I'd be drooling all over them if I saw them in person! If purple doesn't do it for you, you can get other colors andodized. Of course that's extra $$.

Does anyone know Dave Martell from AZ? I'd be interested to know if he ever got this system up and running. Or maybe he gave up and wants to sell it for real cheap Big Grin As far as I know this is the only crossram made for a Cleveland.
I've seen them for windsors, FE's, 460's.....But never a cleveland.

That looks similar to the unit that Asa Jay has had on his website for years:

I think Asa Jay's pictures are of the version for a 350 SBC as that was
the I looked over when Mike Fielder was taking it around to the trade shows
in the United States. It was very nicely machined. I was told it was based
upon a design used for an Australian Touring Car class. At the time, only
2V versions were available. I believe Mike placed several orders with the
manufacturer but was forced to drop the item when they could not deliver in
a timely fashion (on back order for more than a year).

> I contacted him and he says it runs about $6500 US.

When Mike was looking to import them, that price was for the the manifold,
linkage, fuel rails and throttle bodies only. Air cleaners, injectors,
wiring harness, sensors, fuel pump, ECU were extra or assumed to be provided
by the customer.

> He wasn't sure if it fits under a pantera decklid, but said he would get
> back to me with a height.

When Kelly Coffield started his fuel injection project, he was interested
in doing a similar side draft set-up. After looking at it a while, it
didn't look like we could get it under the decklid (with air cleaners
attached) and still have room to pull off a tall valve cover without pulling
the injection first. However, Kelly was constrained by wanting the unit to
work on both 9.2" and 9.5 deck heights with several different cylinder heads
while clearing tall valve cover and stud girdles. Kelly ultimately decided
to do a low profile down-draft version (and a tall profile for those who
don't mind notching the decklid) that fits under the stock engine screen.
Also, I ran a series of simulations to determine the effect of the long
runner length of the side draft set-up. Depending upon your cam and cubic
inches, you may find the longer runner (side draft and down-draft) may
substantially limit peak HP. As part of the dyno project, I have 3 different
stack heights to test the effect and verify the simulation results. FWIW,
Vizard said that dynomation was pretty accurate in predicting the intake
tract length effects.

Dan Jones
That is exactly what I have been looking for!!!!!!!!!!!I have sent them an e-mail with the engine info that MME is building and questions about fitting under the rear deck, availability, time frame etc....I think it would be the perfect to open the deck and see that over a carb. one would imagine it must perform close to the carb set up(hopefully better)but if it doesnt, to me the looks in this case out weigh everything,almost, presuming it's not junk.
I spoke to these guys at SEMA and got to look at the pieces first hand. Exceptional machine work. I think he mentioned a distributor clearance problem but that may have been with a Windsor block and Cleveland heads. Don't think it will clear the engine screen, but I did not measure. Dave Ferrato #5972
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