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Stroke is 4.25, bore 4.03. With the desk top dyno I have seen between 450 and 500hp. The cam is some what mild but it keeps the peak tq at 4000rpm and the pk hp around 5500 rpm. Other cams got the power up there but so was the rpm. My hope is that is will be a very durable engine. TMI is building it:
He is going to dyno it before we put it in so hopefully we will have some desk top dyno, engine dyno, and chasis dyno numbers to compare. That's the fun part right?

Right now he's just awaiting the intake. He is going to gow down for a week or so to do some building work. I am thinking baout driving up there when he dyno's it. I would love to take my brother. He was born with more understanding of a carb than I will ever have. I think his first words were "too rich, too lean, Bad midrange!"

He has a Superformance Cobra with a 460. He chasis dyno'd it 675 rwhp. He is running a Dominator 1050 which is typically not a very streetable setup. With my LM1 I saw him make some adjustments to the carbs that go beyond what I can describe here. Much of what he is doing goes against much of what is published and isn't written anywhere. He has the thing running like it's fuel injected. So many people tune carbs for "All out" and for "Idle" and live with everything else in between. He got ALL the inbetween gremlins out.

That's why I have said it before, tuning holleys is a black art. There is a lot more to them then setting the jets, the powervalves, and the idle bleeds.

I'm building a 383 stroker with a weber set up, I'm still up in the air on the heads but need to decide based on what pistons I use, since I would like to stay in the 10-1 10.5-1 compression for pump gas. The kit is a scat kit forged steel parts. I agree with you and woul like to see the torque in the 4000 range and peak horsepower about 5500 -6000. from what I read these are not high rpm motors and wish to run it at the events so need the durabilty. The guy building your engine is located where, since I'm in NY.
I remember that you had a bell housing adapter and that George came up with photos of an unusual short production-run 400 block that was cast for the proper bell housing.
I went back to your earlier post but cannot get the photo of the adapter to come up. Was that a new bell housing, a cast adapter, or a plate adapter? Are these things still available? Where did you find yours?
At a glance, things look pretty much the same as a 351C. How about deck height and headers...can you use your headers, or will you have to have a custom set built?
Did you come up with any other differences?
I think you're on to something here!
Found a computer at the airport.

Ron, TMI is in MN:

Mooso, I cleaned up and moved around some photos in my web directories. Here is the bellhousing and other photos:

I have a guy looking into possibly casting 400 bell housings but I wouldn't hold my breath. He is pretty busy. Some people thinkt he bell housing is an old Can Am racing bell housing. No one knows for sure and there are no markings on it. Ford made a FMX block with a small block bellhousing but you have to search a bit for those. I think you can probably still find a few but you will probably have to do a bit of hunting. Originally I was just foing to weld up a Big block bellhousing to fit the ZF. One big think off my list!

The length front to back is the same. The bore spacing is the same as the clev. The deck height is about 1" taller. Not sure about headers yet. Looks like they will be fine but I will know for sure when I fit them. I will post updates when I do it. I am sure I will have small issues such as engine mounts, making sure accesories cleaar, etc. I don't expext anything major. Should be fun. I am just ANXIOUSLY awaiting the engine!!

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