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I have with all of your help been restoring 4355 for the past couple of years.
Purchased the car in 1995 in california, shipped to New Zealand and restored then.
wasn't completely happy and have given it a second try and am getting close to completion.
so if i can get photos loaded ill start my album


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Yes is grabba Blue! from the 70's

also used alot on new ford falcons here in NZ and Australia.

Originally posted by danishcarnut:
Originally posted by Push1267:
Very nice. I love that color - is that an original color ?

Looks like the Ford "Grabber Blue" from the Mustangs of that era. Always loved the 1971 Boss 351 in that color.
HI Jack, no didn't know your serial number.
at this stage i am going bumperless.

when we did the panel work we had a look at all bumper options and i decided that Tom would have design the car with out the bumpers and they where an add on. and i think the lines look better with out them. I 'll have to live with it for a while to see if i am correct.

cheers for the compliment


Originally posted by Bosswrench:
NIce job, Chris. it appears you aren't going to keep the L model bumpers? The front ram-holes seem to have gone away; can't tell on the rears. But if you are, the fiberglas replicas do not add any more wt than the small chrome ones and work as well (as bumpers). BTW, did you know that #4366 is our serial number?

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