Well guys it's been fun but now it's time for me to sell my baby. I thought this day would never come but I need the money so here goes
1971 Black Pantera #1683 with a highly modified balanced modular 5.4L DOHC Ford engine with less than 1k miles on it. Everything works great and the car is extrememly fast. See pictures here:


Email me for newer photos. Rock bottom price is $45,000

pantera1683@aol.com or 210 878-8852 (h) 210 671-5420 (w)
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Hey guys

sorry I have been away so long. Work has been really crazy a lot of traveling! Anyway my financial situation changed and I decided not to part with her. The bad news is now that I know I am keeping her things are really going to get expensive!

To do list includes:

All new glass
Replace all weatherstripping
Replace rubber suspension pieces
Completely redo A/C
New Steering Wheel
New Carpet and floor mats
etc/etc/etc...it never ends

New pictures will come shortly I guess I will dust her off this weekend and take some new pics.

Originally posted by madguy:

To do list includes:

All new glass
Replace all weatherstripping
Replace rubber suspension pieces
Completely redo A/C
New Steering Wheel
New Carpet and floor mats
etc/etc/etc...it never ends


Where's the supercharger to go with the 5.4?

I'm sure there's some fitment issues, but man that would be something.

Josh Smiler
Originally posted by michigan born:
can you tell us a little more.
AC / tranny work how old is the paint interior?

The paint is about 6 years old and was done by Eddie Meeks out in SOCAL. The interior is original except the seats which are from a fiero and reupholsterd by me with covers from MrMikes.

The A/C compressor is from a late model mustang and I used a front mount condensor I can't remember where I got it from though. I still have to take it to an A/C shop to hook up the lines and charge it. I would like to find a way to modernize the whole heating and A/C system.

The tranny bolts right up with minimum modifications to two bolt holes and a little grinding of the 5.4 engine block near the strarter.

All-in-all the conversion wasn't that hard except for the damn cooling system but I finally solved that mess. Come to think of it I don't think I added those new pics of the engine compartment to my website. I will get to that soon.

Originally posted by JK:
Kris, where did you get the headers done? Does the 5.4 allow you to plumb headers so you can use the stock muffler location?

awesome car!


The 5.4 headers are the same ones used for 4.6 conversions. The headers allow the mufflers to exit in the stock location.
Originally posted by Patrick Wu:
still on the fence... I'm seriously looking at an Elise, but I've admired your car ever since I saw your posting on this board months ago.. Confused

I have driven the Elise, nice car but I compare it more to my 04 Mazdaspeed Miata than the Pantera. If you become more interested in my car let me know and I will compile all the info for you.
Updated info on car

Here is a rundown of what has been done to the Pantera.

Fluidyne aluminum radiator with Flexalite dual 12" sucker fans thermostically controlled by the engine mangement system and independently (I am an aircraft mechainc and believe in redundancy for critical systems)

All new heavy duty gates radiator hoses and stainless steel radiator pipes.

Engine compartment stripped to bare metal and covered with POR-15 anti-rust coating.

Rare aluminum fuel tank (modified to make the 5.4 fit and to accept the in-tank electric fuel pump

carbon fiber hood and decklid

New trunnion bearing

All new electrical wiring in engine compartment

2001 Lincoln Navigator 5.4L DOHC engine with:

10:1 forged hi compression pistons (custom made for the 5.4 by Diamond CP
Forged Manley H-beam connecting rods
Stock ford forged crankshaft
ford hi-vol oil pump with cryo treated gears
Headers and engine mounts by Panteras by Wilkinson
Heads ported and polished with 3 angle valve job with brand new intake and exhaust valves
Crower Stage 3 cams (hi-rev)
All new timing gears and chains

The crown jewel of the engine is without a doubt the intake manifold. It is a first of its kind designed and built by Kinsler Racing. It is an old school independant runner manifold with fuel injection and 8 2 3/16" velocity stacks. This combo makes this engine scream and it isn't even broken in yet.

Accel DFI Gen-7 engine management system dyno-tuned by Mike Murillo here in San Antonio
42lb FMS fuel injectors
2 MSD DIS-4 Ignition boxes (1 for each bank)

ZF was rebuit by RBT transmissions by PO and is in flawless condition (gear oil changed every year)

Brakes are Hall Super Stopper 2 that I installed in 2002 and aftermarket master cylinder installed by PO not sure the brand(I am a stickler for maintenance and flush the brake and clutch fluid every year, last done in May 06)

PO had the car painted by Eddie Meeks who is a big time painter in SoCal. for about $10000 around 2000. Paint looks extremely good but is 6 years old and has imperfections like rock chips on the fenders. But remember this is a car that spent it's entire life in So Cal and South Texas so it as rust free as a Pantera can get.

Wheels are CCW modular 3-piece forged aluminum and are absolutley stunning from any angle. Tires are Michelin Pilot Sports and are in great shape as well.


Fiero seats with custom leather seat covers
Momo steering wheel
Hall "fire-proof" amp gauge
flat engine accces panel
Ford aerostar window motor conversion
headlights and ignition converted to relays per Mike Dailey's website instructions.
All accessories, lights, and gauges work
Air conditioning is not hooked-up but all the parts are there except the hoses. So you would have to install new AC hoses and get it charged but that shouldn't cost much.
Blaupunkt radio w/ 6 disc changer in front trunk
custom short throw shift knob, modified shift gate, and leather shift gate cover.


Suspension is the original KONI orange shocks and springs and is in fine condition but it is a 40 yr old car so I would consider replacing all the rubber and wear suspension parts.

That's all I can think of I have a manilla folder full of receipts for all the work that was done. I didn't mention most of the little things that I purchased like all new switches, etc.

If you are still interested let me know but I must tell you that I am not a motivated seller. I was a couple of months ago but I am changing my mind more and more every day

Zcremator I flew down to Texas and I bought the 5.4. It is a real nice car. Had a lot of trouble with the shipper. They did not like the fuel injectors sticking up through the deck, and refused to ship the vehicle. I was left hanging. However they did find another shipper that would take the responsibility for a hefty price.
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