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That really looks good.

Aren't you glad I talked you into buying those girdled valve covers!

Those are way better than the fake Hall "Dual Overhead Cam" valve covers that were going around.

Can't wait to see your car on the road.

Very cool carb setup, as well.


PS. What did you decide to do with those twin turbos?
Dude, you got the same valve cover set up as mine below! You don't see that too often, as I was told those are hard to find now. You will do 6,000 RPM all day with that girdle set up...Tight! Do you happen to know the torque recommended on the acorn nuts? I noticed a couple of mine got loose, and I just snugged them down a bit with a wrench not knowing the torque. In looking at your photos it seems like the acorns just hold the cover onto the main bolts and therefore I just assume minimal torque on those acorns.

A3 Aluminum Heads by JanDaMan, on Flickr
Tom...been slowly acquiring the parts over the last couple of years. I found the valve covers here on this forum! They were new in the box with all hardware and I powder coated them to match the body color of car. The tri-power intake was also new with the Holley carbs. Been sitting on a shelf in Michigan since the owner who used to work at the Dyno lab @ Ford brought them home. Ford ordered the destruction of the 500 they made after they were denied use by NASCAR. I purchased this at the estate auction. Supposedly there are only a handful of these that survived. Robert Richards also has a tri-power in his Pantera, so there are at least 2 of the eight or so in a deTomaso. The late Ed Nauman did the CNC “GTS” on the air filter covers...he did a great job and I would have liked to have had the chance to meet him in person!

Jan...been admiring your cars for a couple of years! Hope I get the chance to see them in person one day! It was actually your car that set me on the quest to search for them! I’ve seen you posts and replies that torque should be about 5-6ft.pd. Very light. I did place a thin layer of sealer around the tapered aluminum washer that sits below brass. If I find a definitive torque, I will be sure to pass it on. goal with the motor build is to be around 550lb.ft. Torque @ the low/mid range. Not too concerned about top speed, just want it to be “head-snapping” quick! Hence, parts were chosen for that goal. Will hopefully get dyno’d in the next month or so. I’ll post results.

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