Restoration Project.

24(K) Less Engine
30(K) with 408 Stroker Cleveland


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SS Polished Cooling Lines
Aluminum Fluidyne laydown Radiator
Half Shafts
Deck Screen Lid
Shift Linkage

Call me - 909.374.8656
I'm very interested in the car, I sent you questions by mail, ( and you sent me a video, I need to show it to my father and see what he says. I just need a little time and I might make that cat mine, lol. I'm getting a new job coming up within the next week and after that settles I will see what my dad says and then if it's what he wants to get, I will contact you with purchase info. I just hope it sticks around.
Originally posted by RT66_Pantera:
Originally posted by Brutus:
Are you willing to sell the ZF side mounts alone?


No..side mounts are available from all vendors

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