... very nice car and great job restoring it. So my comments are in now way meant to deter from the beauty of this car.

But I also noticed that ..I like the deck lid look but would have preferred the original designer to make the louvers functional.

As I observed on one Pantera out of Japan ..they opened tailights, and opened the deck lid with screen to allow air travel ... which has to help significantly in cooling these beasts in the rear.

I also observed the other extreme where one Pantera had insulated under side of decklid which has to increase the heat ?

Just some observations.
Gary Hall had a car he called "Big Red". Amongst other things, the car has an electric sun roof.

He told me that it was a Porsche 928 unit that was "severely modified" to fit into the Pantera.

It is only 10-12", maybe even 8" wide, and conceals in the roof. I love it. I came this close to doing it in mine, but so many people said I would ruin the car, and make it structurally unsound that I backed off on it.

If I think of it while having a couple of Bud Lights, I might just take the old jig saw and commit to it?

I am really surprized more people haven't do it.

That to me was a major attraction to the Mangusta show car. I thought that was going to be a standard feature.

The glass roofs in the Corvettes are fantastic, unless you are a Vampire and light is lethal to you. LOL.
Does the sunroof store under the decklid? Micheal E's (Cyboman) unique Fantuzzi GT5S has hooks and latches unde the decklid to store the roof panel
What a nice venue for a show! Coupled with great weather, and lots of great cars! Thanks to all that stopped by to say hi!
Regarding the rear vents on the car,I was also surprised when I got the car, that the vents weren't functional. I even considered removing the tray under them but decided against it in the interest in keeping it original. What a pain to clean them!
I don't have a current photo of the roof storage but I will post one in the future.
I have a bunch of pictures of that Pantera from a show in the Poconos back in 2000(ish). It was yellow with aftermarket wheels. I thought it looked good in that color, and the wheels didn't look terrible either. That's not to say it doesn't look good in it's original hues as well! I like that Pantera.

Thanks Micheal, Quite different from your car, can only assume these mods were not done by Fantuzzi.

Also not the relocation of the decklid shocks same as the cars with 180's Smiler
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