OK, so I'm very new to the pantera world. I just put money down on this 73 pantera with an aftermarket GTS kit from hall pantera. (fiberglass) paint is a nice 20 footer and interior will be good after a nice bath and touch ups. Car drives nice, no rust, no cooling issues. My question is what would be a fair price for this and does the halls kit hurt the value? Feel free to pick the car apart or just level with me. I'm wanting to learn and hoping i didn't get ripped off. Thanks in advance, Jimmy Dallas, Tx. trying to post a pic or two but says file to large.
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HIGHLY recommend you have a Pantera owner look at it if possible. Value would depend on quite a few variables e.g. engine modifications, suspension modification, etc. The kit may hurt the resale, but its hard to tell. Right now it appears the market for all original cars is growing. There are many cars with this kit installed. The interior looks very nice. Where is the car located?
When you say "no rust" did you inspect the car personally and look at all the typically problem areas? Did you test all the electrical components e.g. lights, wipers, etc? The electrics on these cars can get a little squirrelly. I don't know where you stand on the purchase but you might want to post a request looking for a Pantera owner in Ga. to look at the car. Do you have a VIN? Someone might know the car.
JFK, dried washer soap usually clogs the washer nozzle if the washer isn't used much. A wire may clean it out. Removing the nozzle for better cleaning is difficult unless you have very small, strong hands. Main area you should be concerned with is whether the ZF shifts smoothly without grinding. That's 1/4 the cost of the car to fix if it goes bad. Everything else is just maintenence.
Thank you for the tip on how to fix the washer. I do know the previous owner is a 73 year old retired dentist. He hired a guy to get the car running and in order as it hadn't been driven much in the last 3-4 years so that would make sense with the clogged soap. I did get this car for 42,500 and I thought it was a pretty strong deal. Let's hope I'm correct.
Hey thanks! That's kind of what I was thinking. At that price unless I'm really missing something I thought I cant go wrong. I have given a substantial down payment with a contract and will have it picked up when the seller returns from vacation. I'm trying to sell my Ferrari 308 so the lag time actually helps me. It's def nice to get input from knowledgable people.
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I did look for rust but do admit I'm not a pro. As for electrical everything worked except the washer fluid reservoir. In made notice but wouldn't squirt. I got the car good and heated up and is stayed at about 190 degrees w the Ac going.

Washer reservoir sounds like my wife. Sorry, couldnt resist.

Sweet looking car

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