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hello my name is steve from a small town in PA. i have a chance to buy a pantera with a tic over 6000 thousand miles from the original owner.the problem its been off road since 1987 but stored dry.the yellow paint is still very good condition still its original arriva  tires. interior is mint except the center piece on the stirring wheel is brittle, common issue.the bucket is in great conditon. front trunk area needs some attention everything is all for the engine. i have every reason to believe that the engine is locked up.under is pretty much rust free with close inspection small amounts of surface rust on exhast and other areas. my question is what do you offer a car like this id really like to have it. already have a 73 pantera.

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Steve, that's a real tough question without pictures (a lot of them). As Pantera's have increased, I would say recently the largest jump has been in all out survivors.  If a Shelby or Corvette, for instance with a national judging body were found in all original state then people will pay quite a bit because those rare hard to find original parts are often unobtainable.  We don't have that judging concourse group (perhaps someday) but unaltered Pantera's are extremely rare and if it has all things such as the dzus fasteners, a complete tool roll, space saver and bottle etc it has considerable value to many.  The motor with careful attention and patience might actually be fine and the ZF as well.  Without seeing the car its very difficult to say and everyone wants a deal, but I would think if original paint can be saved and look good and absolutely everything is present I don't think $80+K is out of line. If motor and zf can be gone through you could have something with effort that would fit into a concourse survival class. Auction sales on BAT and Meccum for low mileage survival cars has been quite strong. But its always easy spending someone else's money.

Do you have the serial number?

i currently do not have vin.  i will work on that with owner, believe me its untouched paint can definitly be saved tools and air jack all there.i just hate see this sit there like that i have been after this car for years and owner would like me have it.but im a little light on my offer.i would have sell my 69 gt350shelby to purchase the pantera.which is not out of the question.with the owners ok ill try and get a vin, thanks for reply

A car like this has a significant element of risk for the purchaser and it is extremely hard for us to make an assessment from a keyboard! It will likely require all perishable (rubber) components replaced, brake calipers likely need rebuilding and all fluids require changing. The engine being locked up is a tear down and rebuild, the ZF is an $8-10k rebuild if needed, yeah you might get it running, but why take all that risk on up front. You really have to go into this with eyes wide open and potential costs to you,

There are lots of Pantera's with a few thousand miles on them, and it seems even more with prices on the rise! The value is in provenance and paperwork to prove that it is 6,000 and not 106,000!

Personally for the car described, without a full PPI I'd be at ~$60k in the current market.

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