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Thanks guys, for all your incouragement and kind words!
The flares were bonded onto the car w/ a very strong adhesive and pop rivets. When the glue dried, the rivets were removed and covered over. The body man demonstrated how strong it was by grabbing the front flare with both hands and yanking 3 times as hard as he could! The front airdam was put on with seven metal welded on brackets and button head allen heads. I wanted it removeable and strong. Comes in handy when you need to either tow it or more likely to drive up a steep ramp to have work done, or a simple wheel alignment etc. And I wasn't sure how steep the new Hawaii Super ferrys ramps would be(starting in June). this will allow us to Island hop with our cars!
Originally posted by Hawaii:
Does 200
I would love to put front air shocks in but, Hall stopped selling his. Do you have a another brand??

Try Byars at PrecisionProformance, they took care of my car for years. Check your latest issue of POCA last page with pantyless shows their phone number, email, etc. PI Motorsports may have them too.

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