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Would like to throw a issue I have with my 750 Double Pumper. It is a older factory modified 750 with the Four Corner Idle circuit, no choke(still has the choke horn), Air bleed holes drilled in the primary butterflies. I had this on a 351C and it was a great carb, I added the 50CC accelerator pump, that engine bogged(C6) off the line. Now I really think this carb will light up my engine.
The throttle bracket does not go below the throttle shaft, and it is peened over to secure it to the shaft. I talked to Holley and the tech seemed like he didnt want me to send the carb to them to install the proper bracket. The only idea Ive had is to cut the rolled metal off and install the proper throttle bracket. But to reattach the thing I can only see welding it to the shaft?
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If I am understanding the question correctly,
if you don't want to change the throttle shaft/lever assembly,you can remove the existing throttle bracket.

I've done this more then a few times. It's neither hard nor tricky.

1) use a Dremel sized grinding stone to remove the peened over material.
2) drill and tap the throttle shaft for either an 8-32 or a 10-32 screw. Use the screw on the secondary shaft as a size guide. I don't remember right this second what size it is.
You only need to use a short screw. 1/4" to 5/16" is plenty long enough.
3) attatch the new lever with the new screw.

Shouldn't really be much of a problem.
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