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Had this car for along time... Going to be hard to part with it ... I have another Italian vehicle incoming

Im not one of those crazy guys thinking these cars are worth 200k usd +++

My price is reasonable versus other comparables that have sold!

Call me 613-769-4400 if you have any questions.
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I saw it got bid to and supposedly sold at $159,600 the first time on eBay and thought that was a fair price. They seem to be selling in that region, but it's a fact that the GT5 cars haven't found the same following as the GT5-S, despite similar numbers produced.

Hey Julian,

Im pretty upset to be honest, thought Ebay was full proof. I have screenshots from the deadbeat buyer, said his labtop got hacked he didnt bid.... Its all bullshit guy is a manager of an engine performance shop.

Then there was 3 other guys in the 155 area all reserve met, nobody wanted to buy it second chance offer lol I dont get it.

ya the 155 area is fair price. I just need a quick sale. Im sure somebody will come around

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