Not sure how many people new him but we lost a great cat lover last night. Steve oluk passed away yesterday. He was an all around great guy and Pantera lover. R.I.P my good friend. Until we tear up the sky.
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I only just saw this?!
I'm Steve's little sister, thank you very much for your condolences. As its coming up to the second anniversary, he's on my mind, well, all the time! As he is every day.
Nevertheless, I have some random Pantera parts of his from when he revamped the DeTomaso - some listed on Ebay, some just sitting in my basement as they're too heavy to ship. Do you have any recommendations as to where I should sell them? I'm still a bit lost and overwhelmed with how much stuff Steve had?!

Any information would be tremendously appreciated, and apologies if I sound daft. Cars, motorbikes, snowmobiles, BMX are just not my strong points!

Best wishes,
Michi-Linn Oluk
My condolences for your loss.
Regarding the parts, make a list of the items and then post the list in the "Pantera Parts for Sale" area. For the large items you might be able to sell all or most of them as a single lot and the buyer could work with you to arrange shipping.
You are such a Star!!!

I just Googled Steve and saw this post, so haven't really looked at the site yet. Perhaps my question was premature Smiler

I've photographed and catalogued everything, just trying to find out what the actual names of it is?! "Big metal Pantera logoed thingies" is currently what they're under, in my photo library. The gauges and plates I have on Ebay.

Just wondering, as I'm sort of dealing with all of this alone in Edmonton, were you friends with him? You knew he was a serious cat person!!! Before listing anything, I have to hoover his stuff as there's bloody cat hairs everywhere?!

BTW, not that it matters, but he was a mere 44. So young....and again, I thank you profusely for your post as Steve left a lot of unfinished business that I'm still trying to get my head around.

Ample smiles to you!
Sorry for your loss. I did not know your brother but I have been a pantera lover for over 45 years. I was a Lincoln Mercury and pantera dealer for over 50 years. I would be very interested in all your parts. You can email me and send me pictures of what you have. Mike mayberry.

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