It sure looks like an AMC vehicle. Has those lines in the rear but the nose looks like the speed race cartoon from back in the good old days.

Cool Car with a 390 and a Four Speed! They only made a Hand Full, like 6 I think? Years ago someone on this site was putting together a Replica, maybe a future Kit? Maybe He or someone who remembers him will Chime in? Again a Cool Car! To bad it never was Built!

Astute readers will note this car was written up in George's "Pantera Genesis" section, well, an AMX/II....

Pantera Genesis

Anyway - I found an old picture somewhere of an AMX and one of our Panteras...  it's pretty cool...

Although I thought the AMX engine was in the rear, like ours - not sure why they are all looking in the trunk - maybe for the beer?





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wrong Prototypemaker into Turin , was Diomante not Bizzarrini .

Bizzarrini was the engineer, Diomante the prototype maker.


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