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I had a nice visit today from my friend and fellow PI member andriyko. I was working on my back garden when I was drawn by the unmistakeable roar of a Pantera pulling into my driveway. He has been doing all sorts of improvements on his gorgeous 74. You'd never know to look at it, but he regularly drove her to work for almost 15 years! The original paint still looks great and his GT5 interior is perfect. Best part for me is that he’s got a ton of knowledge and only lives 3 minutes away. Smiler

Here are some photos:


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Thank-you Mark for posting the pictures.

I am very happy to have sorted out some of my recent problems with your help and do have had a great drive to your place. When it started to rain I went VERY fast down Hunt Club. It took less than the 3 minutes I think.

You are a very kind and polite gentleman and its is my pleasure to know you.


It was one beautiful day here today - sunny and warm. I almost uncovered my baby and headed towards Ottawa. Maybe we can do it once more before the snow comes.

David, (and others) you're always welcome here. I'll even make some hot chocolate! I won't be going too far until I replace my water pump.
Mine's away too. Now to start on that long list of little things to fix or upgrade. Just about the only good thing I can say about winter is that it gives me time to work on the car without feeling bad that I have it apart and can't drive it. I guess the other good thing is when it's over (winter), driving the car again in the spring is just that much sweeter.
The only good thing about winter is watching my dog romp in the first snowfall. As for "cat" romping, that is still some time away.

What will I do, now that I have nothing to do all winter for the first time in 20 years? Wonder and worry? Make up stuff to do? Go to Palm Beach? Drink buttery nipples (I still have yet to try one - do they even sell Butterscotch shnapps at the SAQ?).

Mark and Andrew, let me know if you want some help. Sheesh ...and it's only November!
Here's George's note - "A buttery nipple is 2 parts butterscotch schnapps and 1 part Bailey's Irish Cream, no ice." Just tell me when and I'll bring the Bailey's.

Nothing like a Pantera party when everyone's cars are miles away. Imagine the torque and HP we can talk about. Just like "after" a fishing trip, lying about all those big ones that no one can question.
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