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Good evening to all of you learned Pantera folks. I am obviously new to the Pantera world and this forum, and would like some guidance from you. 

I have had several classic cars over the years and currently own two lovely toys, but my interest is currently leaning to Panteras. I would sell one of the current toys and hopefully replace it with a Pantera dream. Admittedly, I have zero experience with Panteras but I am learning. 

Instead of asking a ton of questions here, is there a member on this site that is in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area (I live in Burlington) that I could possibly meet with to discuss the intricacies of purchasing a Pantera ?  Failing that, can you point me to any reading material that would significantly increase my knowledge level ? 

I appreciate your patience and assistance.


PS - Any opinions on the 1971 Dark Blue car currently on eBay? It seems to have a ton of great modifications and is beautiful.


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 I personally know the car you have referenced and knowing what I know this would be a very wise purchase. There is some issue with burning oil but that is a minor issue in my opinion in light of the rest of the car and the asking price  

 Many times in years past I have cautioned interested buyers  such as yourself to take your time, read all that you can find to read, attend every event where there is a Pantera to view and avoid the urge to purchase the first nice car that you see until your knowledge level is truly adequate. 

 In my humble opinion, even if this is the first Pantera you have considered, I doubt you would ever regret making the purchase or view it as being too premature.  

Btw,  everyone, and I mean everyone sees that car as being a black car. But under the right light the blue is there to be seen


Larry, Joules - you are bang on about the car and Randy. I have been talking to him extensively about the car - he has provided all the information I require, and well as a huge amount of pics. A great, honest guy who really knows these cars and has done a great job making this car what it should be.

A beautiful, rust free, sorted out, tastefully modified Pantera with all the right upgrades, owned by a great, knowledgable, honest enthusiast.

I bought the car. 

Finalizing things with Randy and arranging shipment to her new northern home.

Thanks for your help.


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