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For sale is one pair of the famous Marlin Jack stainless steel anti bumpsteer spacers. I ordered these without first making sure that my car didn't already have any bumpsteer spacers/mods, which I discovered when I went to install these.

Anyway, brand new Marlin Jack Stainless Steel Anti Bump Steer Spacers for sale for $65 + S/H (USPS small flat rate box $5.95).

PM me if you're interested.

You can read more about Marlin's first rate products and his attention to detail here:
And here:


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They were installed on all "later" Panteras by the factory to "reduce" the amount of bump steer the Pantera has.

I don't know the serial number of the first car they were installed on.

Mine, 4460, did not have them. I think the change over is somewhere in the middle of the '73 US production run?

Few bump steer kits completely eliminate bump steer. This one is no exception.

One of the things one would check on preparing a car for racing would be to measure the actual bump steer a car has. Then look at ways to reduce it.

Most race cars have some degree of bump steer.

For what this kit costs, it is very cost effective?

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